Flo-Mar Commitment to Safety 



Ensuring the Safety of Our Tenants is One of Flo-Mar’s Highest Priorities. 


LightingAll outside areas are well-lit, including parking areas, porches, and entrances.


Secure Doors - All rental unit door locks are changed when the unit turns over. All common areas, (i.e. basement laundry / storage) require a key for entry. All exterior building doors lock automatically upon closing. Apartments have steel security doors and deadbolt locks. Most apartments have their own entrances.


External Vendors and Repair People - Any work executed by an external contractor is overseen by a Flo-Mar employee. These external contractors do not have direct access to Flo-Mar properties and must be admitted by a Flo-Mar employee. 


Prospective Tenants - All prospective tenants touring apartments are accompanied by a Flo-Mar employee at all times.



Steps Tenants Can Take to Maintain Security:


  • Door / Window Locks  Keep all doors and windows locked as a default, but especially when not in the apartment.

  • Lighting  Keep a light on when not at home.  We encourage tenants to have a light on a timer, especially if they will be away for an extended period of time.  Report any issues with outside lighting immediately to the office or emergency number if after hours.

  • Extended Absences  If traveling, have mail and newspaper services suspended.  Let your neighbors know so that they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

  • Report All Suspicious Activity to the Police Immediately at 911  Then call the Flo-Mar office.

  • Meet your Neighbors  Get to know who belongs in your house / building.

  • Do Not Give Strangers Access to Your Building  Do not hold the door for anyone that you do not know.  Rather, have the tenant that the person is visiting come down to greet them personally.


Ypsilanti Police Department (734) 483-9510

505 W. Michigan Avenue

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

For EMU Community (734) 487-3387

Student Eyes and Ears for University Safety (SEEUS) 

SEEUS provides a walking escort service for students, staff, and faculty daily during the fall and winter semesters 5pm - 1am.  


EMU Public Safety Department  (734) 487-1222

The EMU Public Safety Department's website provides an EMU campus map, up-to-date campus and local area crime statistics, emergency procedures, information about the AATA's EMU shuttle, and other crime prevention tips.  Located at 1200 Oakwood Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197