Flo-Mar Apartments is proud to be recognized as one of the Top 5% of Apartment Communities in the Nation, as ranked by actual residents, at ApartmentRatings.com for the four years that the award has been granted: 2012-15.

I have been living at a property owned by Flo-Mar for a few months now. They have been nothing but kind and understanding! A few things I really enjoyed about their service are the following; their hasty response time, willingness to help, and their overall positive charisma. Every single time I have emailed them, they have replied to me in the following 24 hours. When I needed to move in early, they worked with me to make it happen. Renee, the wonderful woman in charge, is so kind and understanding. Nightmare stories about landlords are common, in fact; I was extremely scared for this myself. Renee is the complete opposite! 
A few other things to note... 
- As a member of the Honors College, I was really impressed at how nice and quiet the house is. The tenants they recruit are very respectful. 
- I grew up in Ann Arbor my whole life, and I was terrified by the rumors of living in Ypsilanti. The infamous rumors are definitely over-exaggerated. I have not felt threatened even once while living here. 
- The cleaning service is wonderful. 

I would definitely recommend Flo-Mar :)


From ApartmentRatings.com November 2014

I've lived in a Flo-Mar apartment now for a little over eight months, six as a sublet and then my own lease. They worked with the previous tenant and myself, easing the process of subletting for both of us. Since I was signing a lease right after the sublet, Flo-Mar took care of the standard cleaning and maintenance prior to my initial move in. This is included painting the walls and repairing the dishwasher. The other tenants in this building are courteous and only occasional, completely understandable noise. There is a frat house a block or so away that can sometimes get a bit loud and long on Thursdays, but that is to be expected near a college, and is really the only negative thing at all.

I've been very happy with the friendly, competent office manager as well as the maintenance crew. They have an efficient system for tenants to report maintenance needs and respond the same day. The apartment I'm in also has a programmable thermostat, essential for wintry Michigan heating bills. 

This month I asked about the possibility of a better light for the bathroom, as the only light was centrally located in the ceiling behind me when I was at the mirror, and gave no light for makeup and hair. I offered to pay for a fixture if they would install, instead they put in a quality basic fixture for free. 

I moved to Flo-Mar purposefully looking for a smoke-free location. I've got that, and in addition, friendly, reliable management, and a safe, charming, perfectly located apartment for my grad school days.


From ApartmentRatings.com November 2014

My experience living as a tenant of Flo-Mar was great! Any time I had any questions or concerns about my lease, maintenance, rent, anything, management was happy to help. I was happy to live in a Flo-Mar apartment because I was safe, surrounded by nice people, and my space was quaint and respected. If I ever am in need of an apartment, I will be renting from Flo-Mar once again.


From ApartmentRatings.com November 2014

My husband and I had a great experience in a one-bedroom unit at 125 Perrin in Ypsilanti from September 2012-July 2014. Flo-Mar has been great and is responsive to repair requests. The office manager Renee is a delight and easy to work with. She truly works for the good of the renters and responds quickly to emails.

Having only one car, we chose the apartment for its convenient walk to campus. The neighborhood itself feels very safe, but my husband would pick me up from night classes just to be on the safe side (Ypsilanti has some crime, but that's not Flo-Mar's fault). It's also an easy walk to Washtenaw, where you can take a bus to downtown Ann Arbor. You can easily walk to Depot Town or the relaxing Riverside Park, and if it's a nice day you can go all the way to Corner Brewery. 

If there were any undergrad partiers in our complex, we didn't hear them, and there were only only a couple nights each semester where we could hear a nearby party. The units feel private and are quiet, with the biggest cause of noise being neighbors walking upstairs, but that's just apartment life. 

It's really nice living in the same building as Flo-Mar headquarters, where you can easily drop off your rent, ask Renee a question, or do laundry. The laundry machines were generally open, and we felt okay leaving clothes in there (it's locked- never had a problem), however be sure to stock up on quarters as we kept running out (bank or the car wash down Washtenaw). The provided internet is reliable but does not include streaming (also Ypsi/Ann Arbor)

Upon leaving, we received our full security deposit and cleaning fee back. When we had to move a few weeks early, Renee worked hard to find us a subletter and thankfully we were able to leave without swallowing double rent. Earning the cleaning fee is tough work- if we hadn't had a couple friends help out it may not have been worth it. 

Overall we had a great experience and would recommend living in the Flo-Mar Perrin building, especially if you're an EMU student.


From ApartmentRatings.com September 2014

I rented from Flo-mar from 2012-2013. The unit I rented was well maintained and if I ever had any problems both the office and maintenance were quick to respond to any concerns or repairs. Recently I had to go back to the office to attain a tenant referral. The office manager (Renee) was able to quickly pull up my rent history and complete the referral for me in a very fast manner, which I very much appreciated. She was very friendly and it made me happy that she was able to remember me even with the many tenants they have and have had over the past year. Flo mar is one of the best places to rent from in the Ypsilanti area and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


From ApartmentRatings.com July 2014

My girlfriend and I have lived at Flo-Mar for about a year and have had a pleasant experience at this complex. The apartment we lived in was not very large, but there were some nice perks such as wood floors, a walk-in closet, and two sinks in the bathroom. The complex is relatively safe compared to other apartments in the surrounding area. The maintenance staff is competent and acts quickly. Management is courteous and truly does care about the tenants. We did hear the people who lived above us move around sometimes, but this wasn't a huge issue. Finally, the complex is in close proximity to EMU's main campus and the college of business. The complex is also close to a good amount of restaurants and bars. Overall, this was a great place to live.


From ApartmentRatings.com July 2014

In the past two years I have lived in Flo-Mar apartments and I have been very satisfied. Anytime there was a maintenence issue it was addressed and fixed immediately. The staff was also very helpful with everything including move-in and move-out. Anytime there were issues with utilities or other general apartment problems we received prompt emails or phone calls regarding the situation. Overall great experience and 2nd recommend Flo-Mar apartments to anyone.


From ApartmentRatings.com July 2014

I'm finishing up my 4th year with Flo-mar and they've been nothing less than absolutely amazing. The apartment manager (who is currently Renee) has always been very thorough with explaining any question I had to ask. She also loves to bake or bring in candy! Anytime I've put in a maintenance request, they've always gotten back within a day, sometimes that same day and they do a great job. They're always there for you so even if you're living in a one bedroom apartment and you accidentally get locked out, you can call them and they can get you if needed. The rent has always been a pretty fair price, especially for the services they provide. I would never want to rent through anyone else!


From ApartmentRatings.com June 2014

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